Common reasons for the stainless steel rust
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1.Divergence sediment, dust, iron powder attached caused by road construction, building works or when the vehicles passing by.

2.By nitrous acid gas pollution and other harmful substances contained in the exhaust of cars and other.

3.By the dust and harmful components exhausted from a variety of works, mine waste incineration and the heating and cooling system of buildings.

4.Corrosive gas pollution by Spa Strip .

5.Salt attached because of the breeze from the sea in the coastal areas.

6.Cleaning liquid medicine attached.

7.Fingerprint and hand dirt contamination.

8.By surface protective film pollution.

9.Cleaning tool made of the steel will damage the stainless steel surface, and the iron powder would adhere to the surface of the stainless steel and will cause rust.

10.In the humid air, accumulating dust particles or heterogeneous metal attachments containing other metals on the surface, the condensate would change these items together into a micro-battery, It will generate electricity chemical etching and the electrochemical reaction would damage the protective layer.

11.Adhesion of organic liquid, such as vegetables juices, soup, sputum, would cause organic acid corrosion of the metal surface in the water and oxygen environment.

12.Alkaline, lime splash during the wall decoration and other acid, alkali, salts cause partial corrosion.

13.Atmospheric air pollution contains large amounts of sulfide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, water condensation would form sulfuric acid, nitric acid, acetic acid liquid drops and cause chemical corrosion.

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