Maintenance and cleaning of stainless steel
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1.Do  regular appearance comprehensive cleaning 3-4 times a year if possible.

2.When using cloth, loofah, nylon sponge, brush hook, brushes and other cleaning appliances, one must pay attention to the direction of cleaning, that should be along the lines of the stainless steels texture,or the pollution would not be easy to remove, and the surface glossy lines would be damaged.

3.Mild rust spots could use sponge or cloth coupled with neutral detergent or soap and water to clean, and then rinse with clean water.

4.If the rust due to hand dirt or fingerprints could not be cleaned by the neutral detergent, one can wipe them off with a sponge or cloth soaked with organic solution such as alcohol, benzine, acetone, etc.

5.Most of the time serious rust spots could be completely cleaned with stainless steel cleaning liquid or nitric acid 15% dilution, and if not one could eliminate the rust with sandpaper or stainless steel brush grinding, and then wipe the cleaning liquid to clean. Please pay attention that Cleaning liquid could cause rough or macula on hands, please wear rubber gloves first.

6.Do it again after cleaning rinse, and when do the cleaning please do not only focus on the polluted or rusty parts but also do around the parts, that could avoid uneven glossy stainless steel surface and keep the shine appearance.

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